Affiliate Guidelines


And Thank You for becoming an UrbanPhil Affiliate. We are glad to have you as an affiliated partner to grow and scale your business. Please use this page to learn what it means to be an UrbanPhil Affiliate and our Role to you as a Partner. These roles are further described in the Term and Conditions, but this is a quick checklist for you to reference as you settle in. 

Your Role as an Affiliate:

To be an affiliate is make UrbanPhil a part of you. Meaning that you show as much support for us as we show you. Being an Affiliate you are freely and regularly promoted on our social media pages. In turn, we ask that you do the same, this can be as simple as Hash Tagging or @ Tagging our pages/accounts on social media platforms.

Two Things are accomplished by doing this:

  • We are able to share audiences meaning more exposure for you to potential customers. UrbanPhil is now a marketplace which will bring in audiences from other Affiliates who may purchase from you, as your customers may purchase from other Affiliates. This allows for seamless sharing of our audiences and natural growth in sales, customer base, and repeat business. 
  • By Hash or @ Tagging UrbanPhil is notified of your current post, allowing us to re-share with our media following. Whether it is a current promotion, new product, sale, discount, etc, We won't know if you do not tell us. And an easy way of doing that is with #ShopUrbanPhil or @ShopUrbanPhil.

The UrbanPhil Logo and name is for use only by the business an sub-brands. As an affiliate you are allowed to post in the FB social media group to promote your products. You cannot advertise your product as an UrbanPhil product or post on behalf or assume the identity of UrbanPhil or sub-brands. 

UrbanPhil may add our logo or social media tag to promotional products, sales and other posts that may relate to the MarketPlace. In turn, you may market yourself as an UrbanPhil Affiliate and use the provided "Affiliate" Logo during events and on marketing material.

No more "DM me to Order". Part of our mission is to make entrepreneurs more professional. One way of doing that is by providing you a marketplace that you can call your own for free t sell your products. Build trust by offering a secure NON CASH APP, VINMO, FB PAY etc alternative. Once you have been accepted as an affiliate, all sales must go through the Marketplace,  personal website, or other platforms like Etsy, Ebay or Amazon etc. Since our role is to promote your products freely, if  discovered using "DMs" to take orders or sell products, while having them in the Marketplace will result in a warning first, followed by immediate affiliate termination.  This is to ensure and maintain the integrity and fairness of the Marketplace. 

General Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do - Hashtag or @ tag UrbanPhil / UrbanPhilMarketplace
  • Do - Share UrbanPhil posts on Social Media
  • Do - Post your promotions and products in our FB Group
  • Do - Have signage during events stating your Affiliation
  • Do - Add your products as long as they are appropriate and of your property
  • Dont - Post your product AS an UrbanPhil or sub-brand product
  • Dont - Use the UrbanPhil logo on marketing material unless you can prove written consent from the CEO. 
  • Dont - Open an account while accepting "DMs to order"
  • Dont - Add products that are rascist, negatively religious, pornographic, containing animal or human products not suitable for consumption or general use, weapons, promote violence, alcohol, illegal substances, dangerous material, copywritten material or other products (not listed) deemed inappropriate. 

Our Role to You

UrbanPhil aims to help new entrepreneurs get started as a business professional. The following 3 platforms and outlets were designed to provide you with the starting resources and materials to launch your business backed by my support anytime. You can email any questions, concerns or requests to

  • UrbanPhil MarketPlace is exactly what it is. An online marketplace for you and other entrepreneurs starting out. Whether you don't have an official website, or just trying to expand our audience and reach new clients. Sign up as an Affiliate and have access to your very own dashboard, where you can customize your shop, add products and policies, store information, track inventory and best sellers and more. All products get free promotion on our social media platforms and best selling products get featured on our homepage!
  • The Jennuine Touch Services are products and services provided by ME! to take your business to the next level. When you are ready to have your own website or have just outgrown the Marketplace this is your next step. By being an affiliate you will automatically qualify for a discount off our Shopify Web Development Services. 
  • The Jennuine Touch Facebook Group is an online network of likeminded entrepreneurs. Join the group for free materials and resources, exclusive deals on services, information on business plans, marketing and branding strategies, business tips, motivation and more!

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

  • Professional platform to sell your products
  • Personal Dashboard to see product statistics at a glance
  • Build trust with your customers with secure payment options
  • Customizable store within the Marketplace
  • Keep 95% of your sales**
  • Free promotion of your business and products on our social media platforms
  • 30% Discount on 'The Jennuine Touch'  Shopify Website Development Service
  • Direct Payment through Paypal
  • Open Door Policy to ask Questions, Raise Concerns, and to Seek Professional Business Guidance/Mentoring
  • Notifications of Vendor/Vending Opportunities and Events
  • Access to post promotions and ads on our ShopUrbanPhil Facebook Page and Groups. 
  • and Access to our growing Facebook Community. Here you will find free resources and materials for branding, marketing and scaling your business. You are also able to network with other Sellers and business professionals. 


  • Mens Apparel
  • Womens Apparel
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Beauty
  • Black Owned Business
  • For the Culture / BLM
  • Handmade
  • Sale
  • Health & Beauty
  • Health