About Us

You may be wondering who I am, what my brand is about, and why you should purchase from us when there are so many other brands in the Fashion and Skin Care industry.

My name is Jennifer Hayes and I am the Founder and CEO of UrbanPhil, LLC. My business is a startup professional platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to sell and showcase their work. I first had the idea in 2018 but didn't soft launch until 2020. 

I remember scrolling through my social media feeds and seeing family and friends who had products and services to offer but no professional support. Seeing all the talent, drive, passion, and effort being put into these brands were inspiring. So much so, that I created UrbanPhil to help them. To provide them with marketing tools, a website to sell and promote their items and services, how to register their businesses as LLC's, obtaining their sales permits and EINS and more. 

I started my business so other entrepreneurs have an easier and more supportive way of becoming established and successful. So that they can focus on creating their products and providing the best service to customers. However, UrbanPhil is about YOU as well. How often do you buy products or services and have no information on the company or person behind the brand? UrbanPhil wants to bridge that gap between consumers and the people behind the brand. 

That is why each entrepreneur sponsored by Urbanphil has their own dedicated page for you to Learn More. And, as a 'Phanatic', you will have access to exclusive deals, events, pop-up shops, giveaways, sweepstakes and so much more!

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