My name is Quadesha Laws. I'm 26 years old and I'm an upcoming aspiring stylist and creative director. I love fashion, its been a comfort to me ever since I was 12 years old. I love being different or "weird" as they say.


I've always been the DIFFERENT girl and people would never know how I'll be dressed each and everyday. From there I started working in retail since I was 17 years old. After, I went to The Art Institute of Philadelphia for fashion design, I realized school isn't for me. So I started to work in retail with no experience needed and fell in love with it. It's been 10 years since I've been in retail becoming a stylist at the age of 21. I help so many woman and men who are so uncomfortable in their skin, overcome their fear of being judged by others. I showed them to not care about what anyone has to say about you. That you're beautiful and you're handsome and 'haters gone hate' regardless. Becoming a stylist and a creative director wasn't easy but wasn't hard at all.  Your're helping people. And that's what I love to do and what I do well. This is my lifestyle and I love it!! I branded myself the name QREATIVBYQ ((creative)) because of how creative I can be. I see the vision and I execute it to the max. It embodies my passion and personality perfectly. My style varies day-by-day and depends on how I'm feeling. So I don't really have a set go-to style, mainly I'm just ME!