A.R.T.S.Y. Collective

Jada Byrd is a Philly based artist who specializes in graphic design, acrylic paintings,portraits, and murals in the mediums: acrylic paint, graphite, color pencil, and pen & ink. She has a passion for creativity and using positive creative energy to navigate through some of life’s toughest obstacles. She is the founder of A.R.T.S.Y. COLLECTIVE - an acronym for ALWAYS RECOGNIZE THE SKILLED YOUTH, which is the name of her first start up business she founded in 2013 with the mission being to give back to creative youth just like herself when she first started pursuing a career as an artist. With the knowledge and resources she’s gained, she and other like-minded creatives, team up to find fun and innovative ways to inspire and direct creative youth down productive and fulfilling paths in life.

More About Me

I was born in West Philly and raised in Philly for part of my life until I
moved to the outskirts of Philly until after I graduated high school but I am currently based in Philly again. I have been drawing all my life despite the people who told me my work was nothing to brag about and it wasn’t until high school in art classes that I was told by my 9th grade art teacher of Upper Darby High School that I really should try taking art seriously. This became the only class I enjoyed even though I was still messing up in school and not taking art seriously like he suggested. I had a tough time growing up being transferred to different schools in different parts of town, never too sure of what crowd I belonged to or
what my passion was. I play basketball for teams and although that was fun, my creativity needed a better outlet than basketball. I started to buy sketchbooks, and when I would get sent to my room at home I’d just start sketching. My sketches initially started from a dark lost place as a teen, but they developed into something I felt more confident displaying to others through time. I got my first break when I started working with the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia, where I started painting for the first time ever. In the beginning I was terrible, but within a year I learned so much and started to really get the hang of it. My determination to learn and get better came from me not doing well in school and art being
something that filled my time up instead of skipping classes and getting in trouble with friends. I found new friends while working with Mural Arts and also gained valuable skills that I could take with me after I graduated high school. I seek to have a similar impact on youth of all ages that the Mural Arts Program had on me but to do even more for young people. I want A.R.T.S.Y. to be a brand that young people can look at as that place that accepted them when others rejected them. A place where judgment is not welcomed and acceptance is abundant. Also more than anything I want it to be a place where young black youth can depend on us to provide them with opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve their goals with the tools and resources we provide them. A.R.T.S.Y. Collective is not just a place where young adults in their 20-30s can help the youth and make money by creating creative content, but also a place where young adults can say they built their career off of and want to stay apart of the movement.