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to give individuals an easier, more supportive and professional way of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Allowing them to focus on creating their products and providing the best service to customers. However, UrbanPhil is about YOU as well. How often do you buy products or services and have no information on the company or person behind the brand? UrbanPhil wants to bridge that gap between consumers and entrepreneurs. Support entrepreneurs by shopping the UrbanPhil Marketplace. Grow businesses and entrepreneurs into success with your support. While building a supportive and encouraging network and community of likeminded professionals.

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Support aspiring entrepreneurs and their craft here at the Marketplace. Here you can shop products in apparel, accessories, health and beauty, and more! All purchases directly supports the Affiliate seller to help them continue their craft and scale their business. Shop by seller, product type or just browse around!

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Jennuine Touch Branding Services

Ready to take your brand or business to the next level? Here you will find information about our growing networking community. You are also able to shop services like Shopify Website Development and premade shop templates for DIY customization. Also find materials to use in marketing, branding to build your brand and/or business's identity both professionally and visually.

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Have a business or brand that provides a product? Need an audience and professional outlet to scale your business? Become an UrbanPhil Affiliate! By joining us, you gain access to network with other sellers, information about vending opportunities, your own customizable shop within the UrbanPhil Marketplace, keep 95% of sales made, free promotion on our other social media platforms and so much more!

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